Complete Practice Management at your Fingertips

Phycon Medical provides the most advanced integrated medical software for practice management: Ceriom. Ceriom is more than an EMR, because it integrates services, billing, pre-visit outreach, telemedicine, scheduling, preventative care, wellness visits, and much more, all in one easy to use platform.


Delivering the best quality services to your patients is of paramount importance in today’s world of metrics, such as MACRA and MIPS.  Our products and services are provided by the leaders in today’s medical services marketplace, so you will always get the latest updates made available. When your system is run by specialists in each of the fields, you can rely on each component being the best available for your practice, and for your patients.


Being able to offer quality services in a timely fashion is the key to running a good practice. Having a single portal for all your practice services, including:

  • Care management
  • Appointment setting
  • Patient portal
  • Pre-visit outreach
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Report retrieval
  • Preventative services
  • and even Payroll and Lending

The Ceriom platform puts your whole practice in one place, and then connects all the relevant services so that you don’t have to open one page to fill in another, only to go to another platform to see the outcome.

The Ceriom platform is also completely customizable for your particular office, so you only see the tabs your office needs or uses. Complete connectivity in one platform. That’s the Ceriom advantage.


Giving the best care to the largest number of patients you can is a top priority, and Ceriom helps by cross-linking your patient information with their insurance carriers, including Medicare. Because of this interconnectedness, you can instantly know which procedures or services are covered by their carriers. This is especially helpful when it comes to Preventative Care, as the wellness of the patient could hinge on this knowledge. When your staff doesn’t have to spend time and resources hunting for this information, they are able to set up the appointments easily and efficiently to maximize their hours, and your patient’s care.


Giving the best care to your patients won’t matter if you can’t keep your practice open. Ceriom allows you to maximize the reimbursements you should be receiving for the important care you give. And the Ceriom systems have managed over $3 billion in billing last year, with a 97% reimbursement rate.


Contact your PhyCon Practice Consultant today to find out how Ceriom can pull your business together.

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