Phycon is your Lifeline to Practice Profitability in these Challenging Times

Providing diagnostic and theraputic medical instrumentation and services

Equipment that Works for You

Our professional staff are on hand to assist you with a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment solutions

Prevention is Profitable

Newly available revenue options that enhance the new prevention practice profile required by the new Medicare prevention

Wide Array of Solutions

Transition your practice to a "prevention-wellness" model of personalized nutrition with DNA analysis, custom compounded nutraceuticals, anti-aging, skin care and more

Complete Practice Management at your Fingertips

Phycon Medical provides the most advanced integrated medical software for practice management: Ceriom. Ceriom is more than an EMR, because it integrates services, billing, pre-visit outreach, telemedicine, scheduling, preventative care, wellness visits, and much more, all in one easy to use platform. Quality Delivering the best quality services to your patients is of paramount importance…

HVPC | High Voltage Pulse Current

What would you do with the knowledge and ability to actually help reverse patient symptoms of peripheral neuropathy?  You could diminish or eliminate pain, control lymphodema, restore dignity to incontinant patients, resolve non-healing wounds and perhaps avoid amputation. Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is a serious problem affecting more than 22 million people in the United States,…

Micro-VAS Therapy

Pain and feelings of numbness, tingling, or burning can be debilitating. Experiencing these can be a sign of neuropathy and/or diabetic neuropathy, radiculopathy, or myofasical pain. One out of every two people with diabetes will suffer from diabetic neuropathy at some point in their life. Neuropathy is a disease or dysfunction of the nerves. One…